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MachineSense brings IoT-driven fire fighting solution for Indian hospitals

Baltimore, US-based MachineSense, LLC has now come up with an IoT-based solution to help Indian hospitals and other establishments prevent fire accidents, caused by power imbalance. The company has successfully completed five pilot projects in India involving the use of sensor-based advanced IoT technology to monitor power quality and help prevent medical equipment breakdown including fires in hospitals.

MachineSense is running its diagnosis system at the Institute of Neurosciences, Kolkata (I-NK) for the last couple of months. And I-NK electrical engineering chief Subir Mustafi said “Such a robust system will protect the MRI from abrupt downtime and the hospital from accidental fire hazards.” 

Interestingly, many experts point out that hospitals in India are extremely vulnerable to power quality issues because of four important factors:

1) Historically, in most hospitals, non-linear load was absent. As MRI becomes an integral part of diagnosis, more battery-driven equipment, invertors, LEDs, UPS have been introduced. Thus, power quality in hospitals has steadily degraded.

2) In many hospitals, the wiring is timeworn and the same line provides power to MRI and other linear loads. Harmonics from MRI machines often impact the other equipment in the same line.

3) Hospitals are attempting to be energy efficient by using solar power but the boom is riding on an uncomfortable truth: poor quality solar power. Systems to measure the deterioration are absent.

4) Hospitals are using modern computing devices powered by the battery. This is adding to poor power quality.

To solve the complex power quality problems, one needs data from current voltage imbalance, harmonics and earthing. These parameters constantly differ from day to night and weekday to weekend. And MachineSense has now designed its power expert system to automate the whole process of power quality engineering – from data collection to analyzing and designing solutions in edge and public cloud.  This has enabled the power engineers to understand and solve the issues seamlessly.

“Most of the hospitals in India are ill-informed about the poor power quality they are forced to work in. There is a danger of the hospital catching fire from current power imbalance as most do not have appropriate circuit breakers,” said Sudip Majumder, COO of L&T NXT, which is the scale-up partner for MachineSense IIoT solution.

Biplab Pal, CTO of MachineSense, said that given the solution is always statistical and can be complex for power quality engineers, a low-cost solution model is highly desirable.

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